It is increasingly recognized that the work environment influences health. The health of employees, in turn, influences productivity, and ultimately, an organization’s bottom line.

This section provides information about workplace wellness and resources to help you make your workplace healthier.

Being Healthy At Work

The work environment influences our health and productivity. Read on to see how you can be healthier at work. more

Building a Healthy Workplace

Putting together a plan to be healthy at work with your coworkers is easier than you might think. Read to find out why. more

Healthy Eating at Work

Canadians spend almost 2,000 hours on the job each year. With this much time spent away from home eating well at work is important. Find out how to shop and have healthy meals when at work. more

Active Living at Work

Don’t think you have time in your day to fit in enough physical activity? Why not fit it into your work day? Read on to learn easy practical steps to be more active, fit and healthy. more